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....and huge thanks to the following for providing such encouraging & inspirational words.... 

'John R. Chatterton has the unnerving ability to make songs that you have listened to perhaps a million times before sound somehow fresh and new' - 

Ian D Hall

"I've been listening to Maestro Chatterton's Chiaroscuro over these last weeks. A double album comprising "Pieces" and "Then Again..." and a total cannon of 28, beautifully played tracks. It's all wrapped up in the most elegant of packaging, that's so simple and modest as to be almost be self-effacing. This adds to it making for a tasteful gift for yourself or a significant other. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love this work. I had to look up the meaning of the title - inspired! Indeed, within some individual pieces and certainly between them, there are strong contrasts that give an overall sense of depth, collaboration and accompaniment, even though this is an entirely solo work. The intonation between gentle tranquility, through to mellifluous melancholy then playful, joyous animation, is a thing of great beauty. Once played, you miss vocals as much as you would a garish, showy cover. Buy it. ...'Severely beautiful" 

Christine Keating

"Lovely to meet you too John and to finally hear you play. Your music is captivating." Tracey Ellen

"Y'know when you've got a mate who's talent stuns you? Meet John Chatterton I went to see last him last night in a boss little place called @TheStudioWidnes and was mind blown. Incredible night." Gary Cargill

" he is an amazing guitarist" DL Scott, New York

"Had a great night last night. Was a fantastic show and the artists were superb. John Chatterton you gave an outstanding performance. It was truly great. Thanks for a great evening, John" Julie Marsh

"Wanted to say a big thank you to Mr John Chatterton for doing the half hour spotlight set, I have to say what a true artist through and through just a beautiful set." Krystal Cooper 

"Truly awe inspiring performance!! It was great to meet you too. I will upload a video of yours to our channel at some point today. I really enjoyed your performance, it blew me away to be honest. I would love the chance to film you more up close to showcase off your skills to the public. It would be great to help youngsters and aspiring musicians to see your skills up close and personal, then upload it for the world to see." " Jay Roberts, BoomPond

"Cracking fella, fantastic musician" Billy Kelly, Radio Merseyside

'Thank you so much for providing the perfect, magical musical backdrop for our special day. A true artist' Nik & Kim

"Hi John, we have seen you play a number of times around the city. Love the way you 'layer' and build up your tune. Nice to actually chat to you" 

John Manning

"I'm loving your cd. It's been on in the car since Friday night and it'll be what I'll listen to for weeks and weeks. I love them all! The slide on track 8 is lush (I haven't cross referenced with titles because I've been driving whilst listening) and Rest ye is a lovely one to finish on. The overriding beauty and skill, reminds me very much of Pierre Bensusan. What a phenomenal talent you are, albeit modestly understated in your personhood" C Keating

"When you asked me on Saturday, was that OK? I know I just smiled, nodded and said, yeh. The'd left me speechless. I knew you were good, but that was something else!" Alison Brade

"What a great guy not just on stage but off too. He really does look the part and plays the guitar like magic" Warren Millar

"John Chatterton... You are amazing. That was the best jam ever. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank You so much. xxx" Donna Worthington

"Some powerful flamenco styled brilliance from John R Chatterton" Thom Morecroft

"Thanks so much John your music was wonderful!! You made people feel very special - everyone was blown away by the standard of music on the evening!! Take care and hope to come over soon to the RoB to hear you all again." Deborah Dalby

"Welcome anytime mate, absolute pleasure to have you play" Richard Francis

"We love to find people like you who so enhance the proceedings. Many thanx for your valuable contributions. See you soon i hope.x love to Irene" Sue Blanchard

"the unique talent that is John Chatterton"  the Brink, Liverpool

"...followed by some instrumental virtuoso shenanigans from the ever popular John R Chatterton" Derek King

"The best .... Never known the audience to be so quiet whilst an act is on stage ....they were mesmerised !!!"

"And thank you for your company and excellent guitar skills John. Look forward to seeing you in action again! Cheers!" The Lion Village Pub Moulton Cheshire

 "Hi John, it's good to met you too. I'm impressed of your skills. Really good pieces you played. Enjoyed" Jakub Solarek

"Hi John. Always good to bounce off a true musician as yourself ! truly inspiring..." Daniel Axworthy

"Was fantastic. Highlight of my fortnight . You were brilliant with Jojo and by yourself. I think i heard someone testing out the pin dropping effect. And Tony was delighted to play harp with you" Sue Blanchard

"Thank you so much for coming to play on Thursday, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it & we’ve had fabulous feedback. We hope you will be able to join us again for future events.'" Katie & Dee. Boughton Hall, Chester

"It was the highlight of the night"

'Brilliant !!!!

'"John was superb!It was a pleasure to see ,hear and meet him..'" Maragaret Earl

"I told you. He was amazing as usual. So talented. !!!" Karen Keegan

"You are very talented on the guitar and i really enjoyed your set - know who to contact if i need a super duper guitarist " Debbie

"It was amazing. Had loads of ppl asking if u were playing again. Thank you. X" Claire

"One of the best performances I've ever seen, by Mr John Chatterton" J J Gleave

"Enjoyed your set last night John, proper noisy! Noisy is a compliment! I loved it" Ste

"John Chatterton shredding @ The Buffs :-D" Nik

"Thanks John, well done to you too, a masterful recovery from a broken string as well, seamless, very impressed, cheers" Barry

"Hey John! Thank you so much for playing on Friday! Your set was immense! You've got skills my good man! skills! We all hope to see you.....soon :)" Elvis For Jay

"hey great to see you play last night John! you're a talented fella cheered my soul after a tough week! x" Jodie

"Aah john you made me go home and study all my scales again!! Mean guitarist you john. Thanks for the kind words. Means a lot that!! Can't beat 3 chords and the truth john!" Darren

"always lovely having you with us John .. especially liked your slide guitar last night!!" Dogstar Rose

"Always enjoy your performances & your technique" Nicholas John Payne

"A fabulous performance JC XX Passion on them strings, great 2 watch xx" Sarah Louise Collins

"John Chatterton tearing down the house at the Buffs! Dude has got skills!" Harlequin Unsworth

"Fucking hell mate, I'm just glad I didn't have to get up after you with just a head full of words, you played the shit out of that guitar, it was like Jimmy Hendrix and Brian May had somehow made a love child and give him things off a spaceship to press with his feet!" Ged Thompson

"thankyou john, your guitar playing was brilliant, had a good night, hope to see you again:)" Nadine Mcghee

"I contacted Chris Coey at the Poetry Spoke and he had seen you at the Cornmarket last week! He was very impressed saying it was one of the best live solo guitar gigs he's ever seen!" Jim Gordon

"Anyone that wasn't at the Ringer bells tonight, well, you really missed out. I said it was going to be special and it was! John Chatterton and Nadine McGhee, you were both truly fabulous, Thank you, so very much, for coming up and entertaining us. xxx" Jo Jo Gleave

"Yep, one of the best so far thanks to new friends John and Nadine not forgetting Junior, Nadines great guitarist. If anyone ever gets the chance to see these guys you have GOT TO GO. Do hope you will all come again soon. Loads a luv Sue" Sue Blanchard

album review - "and then, again...."

....examples of  some of my instrumental guitar works can be found at john r chatterton

Click here for a REVIEW by Ian D Hall for Liverpool Sound & Vision

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