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john r chatterton & daniel axworthy

"a veritable feast of stunning emotionally charged brilliance with a dash of showmanship and pen-ash!" 

"revelling in an intuitive approach to each otherโ€™s musical ideas and interpretations, and an almost telepathic communication on stage, creating music more than the sum of just two partsโ€ฆthe camaraderie and sheer fun of musical collaboration is plainly evident and infectious.โ€

"Thank you for giving us such a lovely evening"Jacqueline Philips

"Here's to many more john. Personal highlight was the Metallica song. Superb x" Julie Marsh

"Spellbinding. Thank you for a brilliant night ๐Ÿ‘" K Fielding

"Very enjoyable evening with professional musicians"

"Hopefully wont be too long ...the blues did it for me and love the sound from that and Dan a fantastic music combination....xxxxMarie Edwards

"You & Daniel were superb, you can make your instruments talk....the whole performance was spectacular. Very professional musicians"

 Barbara Campbell

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john r chatterton & ian d hall

Ian D Hall - The Lunatic, The Lover, The Poet. Brought up in Birmingham, Cornwall, Guernsey and Bicester. Music fan, theatre goer. University of Liverpool graduate...
suitably and respectfully backed by acoustic
guitar mutterings from JC

"Absolute pleasure to have you on the bill Ian superb mate,and as for John Chatterton,one of the finest musicians I've seen in a long time,spot on guys.."๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Bob Bell


Intense blues based Power Trio with 60/70s influences and rich improvised soundscapes,weavers of sonic tapestries and feel good hooks...
Anno Brandreth - bass guitar, vocals
John Chatterton - guitar, vocals
and, at different times (!)
Johnny Goth Daddy - drums
Diz McMullen - drums
John Hase - drums


....Jo Jo Gleave and John Chatterton ( and recently, violinist extraodinaire, Daniel Axworthy ) each with a vast amount of experience, individually and collectively, working in various rock, folk and pop bands as well as providing music for elderly and disabled groups

....accomplished entertainers with songs and tunes from an

extensive catalogue; from pop hits to jazz, blues and show

tunes to instrumental improvisations....

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ยฉ2019 John R Chatterton